Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some of the lighting

We opted for the standard lighting in most of the house. The only non-standard lighting we did was to have ceiling fan prep added for the bedrooms, living room and my sewing room. This means we have to provide the fan/light fixtures but I think it'll be well worth it. It'll be nice to have separate controls for the light and fan-something we don't have now. Nothing like having to turn the light off by yanking the chain so you can sleep with the fan on and feeling like you're going to yank the whole thing right out of the ceiling.

This is the standard dining room light.

and these are the lights that will be in the bathrooms:

The kitchen will also have can lights, as well as some kind of lighting above the sink (I think-there's a window there so I'm not actually sure). I think this is what the exterior lights will look like:

We still need to shop for ceiling fans.

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