Monday, June 17, 2013

The floor plan

**updated the floor plan image on 6-20**

 I think we finally got it right. Had to make a few last minute changes but here it is-I know there are compromises but we had to give up some things in order to adhere to the constraints of a modular and our available room. We have 10 acres but there are lots of other criteria for where we can set a house.

Instead of our current 2-3/4 baths, we'll have to settle for 1-3/4. To help make up for that, we'll have a wash-up sink in the mudroom. Totally necessary on a farm. Well maybe not necessary, but very useful. The master bath is not a big one like normal master bathrooms but we would never use a dedicated tub. If we really need to soak, the other bathroom's tub will work fine.

Kind of odd to have to walk through the family room (which will be my sewing room) to get to the bedrooms and regular bath but that's how it had to be if I want a sewing room and if we want the living room and kitchen in the right place for us. So that'll force me to keep my sewing room clean, right? Well that's the plan, anyway. We'll see. We could have made a hallway there but that would have greatly reduced the size of my sewing room. And I can't have that.

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