Monday, October 28, 2013

Big fat nothing

There isn't much going on with the house right now. We've moved ourselves in and some furniture. But I haven't finished putting the knobs on the cabinets and I haven't found where to put all the kitchen stuff. So everything is sitting everywhere. Not really picture-worthy scenes. However, I did manage to get my pyrex and other dishes moved over. Most of this was packed and stored in boxes all summer. I had some of it displayed in the old house, but for the most part there was no room. This is the cabinet I posted before that was empty. I used white contact paper to line the inside and shelves and it went from this:

to this:

click here to go to my other blog for close-up pictures and more info

I'm really happy with how the white turned out, and there was no big commitment like paint (which my husband was against-men sure do like the look of wood).

the bottom part of the cabinet is perfect for storing my ninja cooker (which I use a LOT so it's important that it's easy to get to) and my covered cake pans and cupcake pans and larger Tupperware stuff.

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